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DISC Assessments


Supercharge your leadership potential with DISC, one of the most powerful, profoundly simple, and immediately applicable tools we use with teams as well as 1-1 coaching clients.

The Better Boss Blueprint: Live and Lead with No Regrets


Shani’s first book is packed with easy-to-apply tools and candid personal stories that cuts through the BS, clutter, and complex messages. The Better Boss Blueprint: Live and Lead with No Regrets walks through ten simple-yet not simplistic-commitments that are necessary for becoming a better boss.

It starts with getting your sh*t together and then dives into a variety of practical topics to help you lead others more effectively, ultimately creating an empowering and results-oriented culture in which everyone thrives. Effective leaders infuse humanity back into the workplace, and this book offers ways to do so.

The Leadership Circle Profile (“LCP”)


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The Punchline: An organization can NOT perform at a higher level than the collective effectiveness of its leaders. A leader’s “iOS” (internal operating system) silently yet potently drives leadership behavior and influences how leaders impact the behavior of others, org culture, and ultimately org performance.