Today’s guest joins us from the U.K. with some great advice on team resilience, which remains prominent in the organizational zeitgeist post-pandemic and going into a potential recession (at least in the U.S.). Julian Roberts coaches high performing leaders, athletes, and teams with extreme ambitions and will “challenge their bullshit.” He is also the host of “Helping Organizations Thrive” podcast, on which I was a recent guest 😊. Julian stresses that the whole of a resilient team is greater the sum of individuals’ resilience, yet team resilience is rarely a focus. An effective way to encourage teams to bounce back is to authentically reflect and learn together in a psychologically safe way after any mistake or failure. Then build the learnings into future processes. Reframing failure as feedback entails a mindset shift as a leader and as a team. Make no mistake, mindset shifts are not simply Pollyanna positive thinking. Rather, it’s about giving up ego and becoming servant leaders whose purpose is bigger than ourselves. We also discussed how leaders can unlock people’s potential by using certain languaging and tools that essentially rewire the neurons in the brain to mitigate conflict, detach from myopic perspectives, and re-anchor a negative experience in a positive way. Tune in for this highly topical and interesting conversation!

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