When today’s guest, Megan Galloway, made the leap from working in a confining corporate job to her own consultancy designing leadership development programs, she became a walking, talking advocate for taking chances with your career and growing your network. In fact, after hearing Megan’s story in detail, I dubbed her the “Queen of LinkedIn.” As she started out on her own, she cold contacted dozens of like-minded professionals, and in no time, she had developed a robust network to support her. She encourages others to take risks in that way too, assuring that people are far more receptive to connecting and collaborating than you’d assume. In discussing Learning & Development, she and I strongly agreed that it’s broken in the legacy format still utilized by the majority of organizations. That’s why she recently aligned herself with a company doing it differently and is now Head of Growth at Campfire, “where managers gather to become leaders.” Their programs are designed as immersive experiences that offer real connection and support via guided learning groups (called “Campfires”) centered around peer discussion. IMHO, that approach is the centerpiece of L&D going forward, so tune it to learn more.

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