Today’s guest made one of the bigger shifts I ever had the privilege of discussing on the podcast! Michael King is a former pastor turned executive coach, and from his new “pulpit,” he is passionate about improving teams and eradicating 360 reviews. As a fellow acronym lover, of course I had him expound upon his signature T.E.A.M.S. methodology:


  • Targets – have clear and actionable goals
  • Engagement – of ourselves, team, and directs
  • Action – identify one repeatable and sustainable action to start doing
  • Momentum – remove barriers so we can go faster
  • Synergy – create chemistry and celebration


We also spoke extensively about why 360° reviews no longer work. Michael cautions they are dangerous because most evaluators lack enough familiarity with the roles of the people for whom they’re providing feedback for their responses to be meaningful. Also, the typical yearly cadence does not foster healthy relationships. He then blew me away by sharing the origin story – I had no idea that true 360° feedback was first used during WWII by the Germans to assess their soldier’s performance, considering the opinions of supervisors, peers and subordinates. As a Jewish woman, I felt sick and see it as yet another reason to replace 360s° with more effective, real time feedback mechanisms. #kiddingnotkidding. To read more about the origin of 360°s, click here.

Michael says, “If God is in the dream, the devil’s in the details…” so much so that he literally gives out his digits publicly and encourages anyone to call anytime (763-245-4984).

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