You will appreciate why today’s guest, LuAnn Buechler, is known as “Little Spark” when you hear her talk about the time she showed up at a heated political event in 2020 and got people on BOTH sides to give her hugs in an otherwise highly contentious setting! That effort was part of ihug, a non-partisan community she created of people who are willing to hug their neighbors, friends, family, colleagues and community, even when they may fail to see eye-to-eye on issues. A master trainer, coach, speaker and event maestra, LuAnn’s superpower is lighting fires that turn clients’ passions into profits. She helps individuals, teams, and companies do this using a unique tool called The Passion Test, which is to our heart and soul as Strengthsfinder is to our intellect (i.e. getting to the WHY of what we do rather than the how). Having been through Passion Test coaching with LuAnn, I can attest first hand that it helps me choose in favor of my passions every single day.

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