Our guest today is one hell of a dynamic woman – Laura Gates, founder of The Gates Group, executive and team coach, and culture/organization change consultant. We kick off with a juicy conversation about the changing face of work in response to the current trifecta of global pandemic, anti-racism, and economic uncertainty and agree this is not a time for leaders to cling to the shore! If nothing else, this time has taught us to reevaluate what’s possible and rewire how we think about our teams, families, and personal lives. One of Laura’s superpowers is helping teams resolve conflict (or “cleanup corrosive interpersonal dynamics,” as First Round Review wrote), and she even patented her highly impactful Purpose Initiative® methodology for harnessing creativity and innovation on teams. The process is simple, BUT not easy: (1) make the unconsciousàconscious, (2) disruptive experimentation, and (3) stoke the genius individually and collectively. Changing the tenor of conversation on your team is more important now than ever before.

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