Excellent communication, both internally and externally has never been more important, given the VUCA world we live in. Leaders face challenging circumstances on a nearly daily basis with a variety of stakeholders to keep in the loop. On today’s episode, I welcome long-time friend, client, and communications expert extraordinaire, Dave Poston. Dave is CEO and General Counsel of Poston Communications, a public relations, marketing, and content firm he founded over 18 years ago to serve professional services companies. Law, financial, real estate, healthcare, and associations are among the focus industries diligently served by Dave and his team. On the subject of CEO and executive leadership communications, Dave counsels that they are accountable for making values-based decisions and taking clear stands on issues such as ESG and diversity. He notes that organizations must follow up on the diversity commitments made a year ago or more, share the progress, and transparently acknowledge what still needs to be done. We also discuss strategies for taking action and communicating about the tricky situation with Russia and Ukraine. On a more evergreen note, Dave offers refreshing options on how to differentiate your messaging in an highly flooded environment.

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