If you’re looking to amplify your message and make a bigger impact with your ideas, research, or experiences, this is the episode for you! Described by her clients as their “secret weapon,” today’s guest is pro speaker coach and founder of The Science and Soul of Speaking, Jill Wesley. In addition to having coached thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, and professional athletes., Jill is the Head of Speaker Coaching for TEDxSanFrancisco. Whether your goal is a Ted Talk, a board presentation, or influencing colleagues about a passion project in a team setting, Jill’s expert guidance is applicable: (1) Get clear on the story you want to tell. Dig deep to find the heart of the new idea or your unique take on an existing one and distill it down to 10-12 minutes maximum; (2) Identify your end game and approach the speech like a product launch; and (3) Work with a coach or another trusted person who can provide candid feedback and help you get the content in your bones. Other timely highlights from our conversation include tips for maintaining the engagement of highly distracted viewers during virtual speeches and five messaging imperatives when talking about race.

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