Don’t be fooled by the title of this episode…it’s not about lawyers or litigation! Rather, it’s a lively dialogue about how to apply the concepts from the award-winning book by Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time.Join me and Luis Gonzales, Communication and Culture expert and Master Facilitator from Fierce, Inc. Of course, I couldn’t resist asking Luis to explain the difference between fierce, crucial, radically candid, and difficult conversations, and his sagacious response was that it doesn’t really matter what you call it, they are all bold and courageous conversations that need to take place yet don’t happen often enough. How does one get past the fear or discomfort that deters us? Well, start with getting curious, beginning with “interrogating your own reality.” That means gaining more awareness of your unique personal filters and real reasons behind wanting to engage in a fierce conversation. We discussed applications ranging from coping with the stressors of #covid on your team to making real strides with #DEI in your organization. Also interesting is hearing how Fierce pivoted from nearly 100% in-person trainings to 100% virtual ones, with a combination of live online, asynchronous microlearning modules, 3D simulations, and a soon-to-be-released app (#thefutureisnow!).

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