Shani is my coach and does an amazing job – truly the best coach I’ve had in my career.

She has a fun, stress-free way of interacting but always gets to the root of the challenge/problem for the day, asking probing questions, guiding me in considering my options/solutions and always helping me get to closure on next steps. She is consistently taking classes and courses to improve her coaching/consulting skills. She is a great leader/businesswoman/coach – smart, driven, hard-working while also creative and innovative. I just wish I had the pleasure of working with Shani earlier in my career/life!

C-Suite Media Industry Executive
“At Twitter, Shani has consistently exceeded expectations by putting in extra work to customize and contextualize each of her trainings for the audience she is working with. We move fast here, and we need partners that can innovate and iterate along with us. Shani has proven herself to be more than up to the challenge.”
Head of Global Sales Learning at Twitter
“We turn to Shani as our agency’s coach for strategic planning, leadership development, employee advancement and much more. She embodies that rare blend of experience, passion and wisdom. She’s “LeaderShifted” many times in her career. Now, she’s guiding many at our firm to fulfill their commitment to that philosophy no matter what their management level.”
CEO of Marketing & PR Agency
“I have translated many management training courses in my career, and have to say that yours was exceptional: you succeeded in engaging the trainees, an international group no less, with a degree of enthusiasm I have never seen before. What they were most excited about – they kept gushing to me about this – was the fact that you gave them hands-on tools that they felt confident about using, coupling that with a greater understanding of themselves and their partners gave them the feeling that they could achieve anything!”
Acclaimed Business Translator