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November 9, 2020

How many times do you check your email a day? 10 times? 20 times? You may have email addiction. But don’t panic! Admitting you have a problem is your first step to recovery!

In fact, checking email frequently actually causes you to be less productive. The time it takes to return to work from an email interruption was found to be on average of 64 seconds.  That means you are losing almost 22 minutes of productivity just by checking your email.

Here are a few tips to get your out of your inbox:

  1. Remember your email is not full of emergencies! Yes, there’s important information in emails, but not life-threatening crises.
  2. Turn off notifications, icons, and announcements. If you eliminate the interruptions, you remove a lot of the temptation to check your email.
  3. Don’t use your inbox as a to-do list. Record your tasks somewhere else. My personal favorite notetaking app is Notion.

As a fellow recovering email addict, I can testify that it is possible to change behavior. The 12-Step Program I created can help you break the addiction. Think of it like a free consultation with me. Just submit your information in the form below and you’re on the way to recovery.

And don’t worry- I PROMISE not share your information outside The Leadershift Project.

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