Having impressed influential TED Speaker Simon Sinek after a company training, David Mead became the first of Sinek’s “Igniters,” a role in which he shared “Start with Why” ideas in over 225 organizations on five continents. He also co-authored, with Sinek and Peter Docker, Find Your Why: a practical guide for discovering the WHY of an individual, team or organization. After working with Sinek for over ten years, David struck out on his own as a leadership consultant, trainer, and speaker. On today’s episode, he shares a framework for exceptional leadership that I adore called “The 3 H’s,” as follows:


  • Honesty – ensuring your actions match your words
  • Humility – managing your ego and using strengths to lift others up
  • Humanity – genuinely caring about and empathizing with others so they feel valued


If you envision those three attributes as a ven diagram, in the middle is trust. David also gives some great suggestions for frictionless habits to support a daily practice of honesty, humility, and humanity. To name a few, be the last one to speak or give your opinion in a group, share the spotlight, and send handwritten notes. We also have a lively discussion about the ongoing challenge humans face to detach our identities from our job, status, wealth, and other external factors. The recipe for putting that tricky ego in its place is “Show up to give.” Plus, as a special offer to LeaderShifter Show listeners, David will conduct gratis 45-minute coaching calls with the first five people to contact him at dm@davidjmead.com! He’ll help address questions or challenges you’re facing with culture, people and trust.

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