Is your team not performing well? Is morale low and turnover high? Are you falling further behind the competition? Shani Magosky, a highly sought after leadership consultant, executive coach, and author, is here to help with her insightful and fun podcast, The Leadershifter Show! This is where business strategy and culture finally meet, exploring shifts of all sorts that are required for your own, your team’s, and your organization’s success. Shani is not your typical boring leadership consultant, and she WILL help you get your SHIFT together!

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19: Make the LeaderShift to Prioritize Yourself

Join me on today’s impromptu solo podcast recorded from my yoga mat – with no makeup or hairdo even! – as I confess that I am not really 29 (LOL) and admit how failing to prioritize exercise has not only diminished my self-image and well-being but also my focus, creativity, and productivity in my business.…


20: LeaderShifting into a state of productive F.L.O.W.

Do you want to be ‘in the zone” more often and with greater ease? Start the new year off right by learning the newest tool in the LeaderShifters’ toolbox: F.L.O.W. A McKinsey study found that top executives are up to 500% more productive when they’re in a state of flow. In this episode, I walk…


21: Differentiating Your Brand with Katrina Markoff

Today’s episode is literally and figuratively a treat! I chat with Founder, CEO, and Chief Chocolatier of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Katrina Markoff, who originated the category of artisanal chocolate blended with exotic spices and other unusual ingredients. Learn about the “laboratory culture” she inspires and models to spur continued innovation, how she differentiates the soul of…


22: Thinking Like A Journalist with Bethany McLean

Join us today to hear from Bethany McLean, a true journalistic LeaderShifter! Bethany was one of the first reporters to question Enron’s financial practices in her Fortune article, “Is Enron Over Priced?” and she later authored the best-selling book, The Smartest Guys in the Room. Learn lessons from one of the most infamous corporate failures in history…


23: Shifting through Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Other Interesting Customer Service Challenges

Restaurant service guru and host of the Turning Tables podcast, Krista Lepore, is my entertaining guest on today’s show! The challenges she helps her clients address are no different than those faced by LeaderShifters across many industries. Join us as we explore the crucial importance of the customer experience, keeping pace with quickly shifting trends,…


24: Appreciating the people who shaped us as LeaderShifters

In this episode, I honor my Mom, who passed away two months ago on Valentine’s Day. Parents are such an important force in shaping who we become as leaders, and it’s important to recognize and appreciate their influences. Don’t be so subsumed with work that you forget who and what matters most. Specifically, I share…


25: Shifting Your Definition of Success with Dan “Nitro” Clark

Tune into today’s show to unleash the inner gladiator for you and your team with none other than former NFL football player and renowned American Gladiator star, Dan “Nitro” Clark! Dan is now an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who helps people play and master their “inner game.” He openly shares the many shifts he experienced…


26: Diving into Your Own LeaderShift Journey with Jarrod Jablonski

Today’s episode covers 500 year old ship wrecks, 30 hour scuba dives, mastodon bones, and Iron Man racing. Jarrod Jablonski may be the most badass guest on The LeaderShift Show yet! He is one of the world’s preeminent deep sea cave divers and has turned this passion into several thriving global businesses. Jarrod’s perspectives on…


27: Refuturing your STUFF with Sara Arey

We are joined today by my dear friend, Sara Arey, author of the boldly titled book, The Universe Fucking Loves Me (isn’t that name fantastic?!). Sara coaches people on replacing their STUFF – Stuck Thoughts Unresolved Feelings and Fears – with limitless ideas for what’s possible (she calls this Refuturing). When we get better at playing that…