Today’s superstar guest is Ginny Clarke (as I like to say, it’s Clark + E for Extraordinary!), Director of Leadership Staffing at Google, former Partner at elite executive recruitment firm Spencer Stuart, host of podcast Fifth Dimensional Leadership, and author of Career Mapping. Ginny is a known expert in diversity recruiting and talent management – NOT because she is a black woman but for her profound understanding of how global talent must be assessed, deployed, and developed in varying contexts for maximum success. It’s not about checking boxes; rather, it’s about fixing the entire talent system! Not only are POC and women underrepresented in most workplaces, but also attrition is highest among those groups as well. We discuss many concrete solutions, including:

  • Empowering Chief Diversity Officers with authority to pull meaningful levers to impact change as well as a reporting structure that holds executive leadership accountable. No more window dressing or placing this role within a routine HR function.
  • Conducting org-wide talent reviews to see what actual DEI needs are instead of hiring diversity without a baseline and clear objectives. In other words, ready, aim, fire.
  • Identifying what competencies are table stakes to sustain organizational culture and which are unique to any given role. Diverse talent does exist to match those competencies, and it either needs to be tenaciously recruited or nurtured internally within a revamped talent management approach.
  • Rectify compensation, development opportunity, mentorship gaps, and additional imbalances for POC and other diverse groups.
  • Bring grace, empathy, and humanity to leadership behaviors…and rewarding the consistent practice of them.

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