Master feedback in 12 simple steps.

The “12 Days to Better Feedback Challenge” is a campaign I started on social media made to help anyone become adept at giving and receiving feedback. This is like taking my feedback course and simplifying it into 12 steps.

All 12 tasks are listed in the free PDF, along with instructions explaining how to accomplish each task. The task can be completed one at a time or, if you want to finish it faster, you can take on several tasks at a time. No matter how you complete this challenge, you’ll end up with more effective feedback skills and a better understanding of how to use them in your professional and personal life.

Search the hashtag #12daystobetterfeedback on social media for videos that show Shani explaining what to do on each day of the challenge.

So… ready to get started?

Watch the videos

Each task is explained in even more detail by Shani. Click here to view on YouTube.