Business strategy will fail in the absence of the right culture

The #1 challenge I see today in organizations is that culture is taken for granted. What could the future hold for you and your team if you got the elusive culture piece right?

Nearly 70% of U.S. employees are disengaged. Organizations are just conglomerations of people, and if the people aren’t happy and healthy, the organization is probably going to be miserable, too—suffering from financial under-performance, poor customer service, high employee turnover, lack of innovation, and toxic culture, just to name a few.

There's no silver bullet as some leadership gurus would have us think. We’ve gotta whack at this piñata with more than one stick to get at the gifts inside because the workplace is always filled with VUCAD: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and disruption. When you layer that on top of sustained high workplace disengagement and the inherent challenges of a changing workforce composition (50% will be millennials by 2020), “there’s a fever” in the workplace, and the prescription is decidedly not “more cowbell” (with apologies to our favorite SNL skit of all time!).
The LeaderShift System will help you, your team, and your organization:

  • – Move culture up the value chain to C-suite instead of burying it in HR and set the stage for senior leaders to walk the talk and model what they accept and expect
  • – Merge your business strategy with the right culture strategy so that your people feel empowered to deliver on your brand promise to delighted customers
  • – Define “Culture Carrying” behaviors as well as “Kulture Killers”
  • – Communicate, coach, and give transparent feedback in ways that help everyone win
  • – Build psychological safety, engagement/empowerment, and execution excellence