On today’s episode, I chat with entrepreneur Brett Black, founder of restaurant sensation Clear Café in Bali, Indonesia. With locations in Ubud and Canggu, they serve incredibly creative and delicious vegan and pescatarian dishes to raving fans from all over the world. Brett’s latest venture has been creating, financing, and constructing a beachfront Eco Resort and residential community called the Golden City (GC) on western Sumbawa, two islands to the east of Bali. Sumbawa has many characteristics of Bali 40-50 years ago, and one of many inspirations for the GC is in fact Bali’s Green School. This innovative and purposeful community will produce its own sustainable food supply and energy and use all locally-sourced materials to construct homes and other buildings. To be clear, the GC is not a commune; it’s a place for visitors and residents seeking to balance remote work of all types and quality time with themselves, friends, and nature (including some of the best surfing, diving, and other water sports in the world, sprawling beaches, and mountains for hiking and rock climbing). Even if living on a remote island in Asia doesn’t appeal to you, let the conversation inspire you to find your own happy place in which to live and thrive. (NOTE: Full disclosure, I am an investor in GC).

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