Jamie and Jim Sheils, co-founders of 18 Summers, are bringing family back! Long before #covid-19 quarantines forced a change in family dynamics, this passionate duo has been dedicated to fixing the epidemic of busy entrepreneurs and business leaders not spending enough quality time with their families. The good news is that the principles and best practices they advocate will sound very familiar to ones you’re already deploying at work: establishing the values, vision, and culture of your family and then continuing to set tone, boundaries, and expectations in the house; tech distancing strategies (staying informed vs infected!); and iterative revision of individual and shared calendars based on ever-shifting circumstances. Another practice I LOVE is outlined in Jim’s book, The Family Board Meeting, in which he explains how to make each child in your family feel important and unique. Every quarter, he schedules a half day of dedicated 1:1 time with each child, and the child chooses the activity. It’s been described as “the glue that seals the bond between you and your child for life.” Their experiences are offered via private mentoring, team consulting, online courses, and in-person retreats, so tune in to learn how to reconnect with your spouse and children, and most importantly, how hold that connection forever.

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