I am joined today by fellow self-espoused ‘culture geek’ and Internal communications expert, Carolyn Hudson, who brings her vast experience both in-house and as a senior consultant at Fortune 500 companies. It’s the moment of truth for internal comms because there has never been a more opportune time to prove your worth and grab a seat at the table. She explains that internal communications has (thankfully!) evolved from top-down, one-size-fits-all, lengthy corporate-speak pushed to the masses to messaging tied to core values, customized by audience and that inspires trust in leadership and confidence in the brand. Internal comms is now employee-centric (gasp!), which translates to customer-centric – because when we take care of our employees, they take care of our customers! Speaking of employees, we encourage ditching annual engagement surveys in favor of taking far more frequent pulses at all levels of the organization. There are AI-assisted platforms to help leaders identify themes to address…including in your internal comms. We also have a fun discussion about breathing new life into outdated, staid corporate values (BIG YAWN?) so that they actually serve as beacons for vision, motivation, and innovation (in fact, I had just revised the values for The LeaderShift Project to include what I think is an awesome new value of “Embrace abundance”). When updating your values, involve your employees and customers in the conversation and brainstorming, so they will truly represent what you stand for and how you want to treat customers.

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