Today’s episode packs a double punch, starting with discussions about attracting more customers with effective digital marketing and culminating with tips for scaling your startup as it grows. Founder of Toronto-based Local SEO Search, John Vuong reminds us that no amount of website SEO and online advertising will matter if you forget about the fundamentals of running a business, knowing and serving your ideal customers well, and identifying and leveraging your unique selling proposition. Only then can he and his team effectively support your business with compelling websites, custom SEO campaigns, social media marketing, and written and video content outreach strategies. We also debate the merits of traditional vs digital advertising and the ultimate differentiating benefit of the latter – the ability to test a variety of messaging options and then pivot more quickly and inexpensively. With over 200 factors that go into website rankings, this is no task for amateurs. Your job as a business owner and expert is to “let people in” – i.e. speak to your target audience authentically via the channels they frequent.

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