Flexible & Remote Teams Workshop

Move From Fumble to Finesse: Open the Better Boss Playbook for Managing Flextime and Remote Teams


LeaderShifters foster intentionality, communication, and collaboration with remote and/or flextime team members or entirely virtual teams.

This game-changing workshop:

  • Reviews both strategic and tactical success elements for highly distributed and/or flexwork teams
  • ​Presents a tool for streamlining and ensuring clarity in email and other communication
  • Facilitates an all-hands brainstorm, alignment on, and commitment to your team’s go-forward playbook elements, including:
    • Communication protocols
    • Collaboration tools and best practices
    • Accountability planning
    • Measures of success

4 hours or Two 2-hour live online sessions

For mangers and teams with members who work flexibly, remotely, and/or across multiple locations.

In Person or Live Online