Productivity Workshop

Embrace Your Inner Productivity Gangsta: Control Your Time & Tasks


Are you and/or your people…

  • Over-committing?
  • Missing deadlines?
  • Busy yet not terribly productive?
  • Managing inefficiently from multiple to-do lists (including your inbox!)?
  • Getting constantly sidetracked by interruptions and an ever-growing number of multi-media distractions?
  • Not devoting enough time to your long-term goals?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then let us help you “finger” the biggest offenders of lost productivity and replace them with legit productivity habits.

The best leaders know that boosting productivity involves learning best practices, utilizing cool technology, and most importantly, behavioral change. Learn how to:

  • Get control over the biggest productivity killer – email
  • Make Outlook and/or other technologies already in daily use work for you for task tracking, time management, and greater overall productivity
  • Say “no” to the wrong things so you can say “yes” to doing the right things
  • Cement and sustain the new habits
  • Promote clear, transparent, goal-oriented communication, engagement, and accountability​​​

8 Hours

Anyone who finds themselves with too much to do, too little time in which to do it, working nights/weekends/holidays, yet in a constant struggle to prioritize and rarely feeling truly productive.

In Person