Effective Meetings

Bury the Weapons of Massive Time Destruction: Run Meetings That Don't Suck


Effective leaders know meetings matter. A lot. In fact, an average of 11 million meetings are held each day in the U.S. alone. $37 billion is lost every year due to unproductive meetings in the U.S., per oft-quoted research. We don’t know about you, but if we came upon any portion of $37B on the street, we’d bend down and pick it up!

Participants learn concrete methods for:

  • Deciding what should and shouldn’t be on a meeting agenda
  • Matching your intended outcome with the actual impact on participants
  • Ensuring everyone is well prepared in advance of meetings
  • Maximizing meeting productivity and participation
  • Wrapping up and establishing accountability for follow-up actions

2-3 Hours

Anyone who has ever attended a bad meeting. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make meetings more effective.

In Person or Live Online