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How to break the obsessive inbox-checking habit: A 12-step program you need to know about

The email prowess of leaders doesn’t get the promotions, raises, bonuses, and accolades. It is just fuel for your email addiction. Customer delight, attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent, creating value, incubating innovation, and leaving a legacy of service are what matters. I hope this mock epitaph helps you (leader)SHIFT yourself back into the land…

Actionable Steps for Creating Space for Race-Based Discussions in the Workplace

The LeaderShift Project founder Shani Magosky and co-author Craig Carroll of The Observatory on Corporate Reputation published an article for The Conference Board published on June 29, 2020 entitled “Actionable Steps for Creating Space for Race-Based Discussions in the Workplace.” They state that we must move past the awkwardness of conversations about race to challenge questionable behaviors and comments when we see and hear them. Being “color brave” in the workplace will surely involve difficult conversations on both individual and collective levels. Of critical importance is the giving and receiving of feedback. When done well, feedback changes perspectives, builds trust and connection, and leads to better futures for individuals, teams, and organizations. We offer five suggestions to help us more effectively communicate right now about race and racial injustice.

“How Organizations Can React to #MeToo – At Every Level” in SmartBrief

March 19, 2018 In an article for SmartBrief published on March 14, 2018, Shani Magosky provided insight on how organizations and company leaders can address the systemic issues that have come to light in the recent #MeToo movement, specifically harassment in the workplace. To overcome the challenges of assessing harassment in the workplace, Magosky recommends that…

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This Is Why No One Understands What You’re Saying

In an article published for Fast Company on October 23, 2017, Shani Magosky provided guidance on breaking down communication barriers in the workplace that hamper efficiency and teamwork. While leaders may be tempted to blame others for miscommunication issues, self-reflection is crucial to improvement since it allows the chance to figure out what changes should…